Mindless Behavior
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Hey I'm Jasmine and this blog nor the owner is affiliated with Mindless Behavior,just a fan but follow my PERSONAL blog enchvntedjas // This blog is dedicated to these 4 talented boys Princeton,Ray Ray,Roc Royal and EJ who now make up Mindless Behavior. Here to keep you updated with the 4 boys by bringing you new photos and videos.They're currently working on a third album after 2 albums #1 Girl and All Around The World and they have a movie called All Around The World which is now on DVD and Netflix.



i’m crying cause they both so fine. 😍😩 kidswithafros


Both of them *_*

Roc's baby got that good ass hair☺️

Lol he has nice hair :)

your blog is sooo cute like wth

Thank you :*

Mindlessbhavior: Thanking our booking agency @blackowlagency for keeping us booked!!

Mindlessbhavior: Workin on getting some of these!! #newmusic

Roc needs to pull up his pants lmao😩

Royal3R: Hairy a** stomach, satisfied?

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