Mindless Behavior

Blog dedicated to these 4 talented boys Princeton,Ray Ray,Roc Royal and EJ who now make up Mindless Behavior.They're currently working on a third album after 2 albums #1 Girl and All Around The World and they have a movie called All Around The World which is now on DVD and Netflix. Follow my personal blog and IG enchvntedjas -Jasmine

Prince got ass I ain’t looking tho😜👀

I love your profile and how you always keep it 1k. I loved the birthday message you sent to princeton and you seen like a really cool person.

Aw thank you so much :*

 Princeton getting his ears pierced. [x] 
Is roc single or naah?

Idk ..

Never saw this but his scarf and face😂


This is last thing I post of roc it’s princes day

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